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A backup device is any media storage device that can be installed on any computer
internally or externally (preferred). They can also provide an exact copy of your entire
hard drive for when you need to be up and running within minutes after a hard drive
failure. This is called "Disaster Recovery" and can be done with devices such as an
Automatic Backup Hard Drive unit.
  • Who needs it?
Anyone with data such as documents, photos, movies, songs or any files that you cannot
afford to loose if your hard drive fails.
  • What to back up?
All of your important data. Files such as Photo, Music, and Movie tend to take up much
more room than computers users anticipate. Backing up these files on an external
backup device is always a good practice and can free up much needed space on your
system drive which would improve your .
  • What to buy?
We highly recommend using the solutions offered by CMS Products. They  are located
in Irvine, Ca. and they offer "Disaster Recovery" on most of their products.
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(951) 639-7333
License #2315        
(951) 639-7333
License #2315        
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